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Sagema Real Estate Investment Management

Sandrine Vergallen,


Founder of Sagema Real Estate Investment Management.


She is active in the Institutional Real Estate Investment Management since 1998. During her career she worked on both sides:


•representing pan-European Institutional Investors as Senior Fund Manager of pan-European Funds (offices and retail managing €1.2 billion and divesting €385 million of it)


•in 2005 launching of a new pan-European multi-sector Fund for which acquired €264 million


•representing a third party pan-European Asset Manager as Divisional Director of the Acquisition & Asset Management Department.


During the last couple of years due to the overall market condition she was also managing work-out of non-performing asset portfolios and loans in different pan-European jurisdictions.


She held office in different European Countries: Belgium, Netherlands and France always with a pan-European working scope. She speaks Dutch, French, English and Spanish.




For more info contact sandrine.vergallen@sagemareim.eu

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